Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who is the wind beneath my wings?

I just read an interesting article today. It discusses the top 10 songs requested at British funerals. Here is the list:
  1. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
  2. Angels - Robbie Williams
  3. I've Had The Time Of My Life - Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley.
  4. Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
  5. Pie Jesu - Requiem
  6. Candle In The Wind - Elton John
  7. With Or Without You - U2
  8. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
  9. Every Breath You Take - The Police
  10. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
I know I live in a bubble, and I wouldn't know about some if these songs had it not been for my dear friend and roommate, Leanna (you know which songs!), but none of these would be in my top 10 list. I'm not sure I would want a love song sung at my funeral. But then again, I know I will always connect certain love songs to Jon, and if he does the same for me, I wouldn't want to deny him the playing of those songs. However, I think we both understand that a funeral is not just about celebration of life and love, but of the new life that our loved one has now stepped into. As a matter of fact, this life, and any love in it, pales to that new life. And I think the service should reflect that.

I'm also not sure I would want a contemporary song sung at my funeral. The occasion seems much more...timeless. But then I'm considering these things as how it should be 80 years from now (I'm going to be really old when I die!). Maybe it would be different at a different age.

Anyway, just thought the article was interesting. I think any topic surrounding death is interesting, when comparing a worldly view with a Christian one. I, personally, can't wait for heaven, and I hope, when I die at age 104, that the funeral is a party! You're all invited! If you're not down here, I'll be partying with you up there!! :D


  1. My Dad asked me to play Fur Elise on the piano at his funeral. I told him I would be too upset to play. The truth is... I'd be too out of practice! But, yes, you do wonder about the songs/mood/message of your funeral or that of your loved ones.

    I agree, I think I would music that reflected where I am going (Heaven).

  2. Carolyn Dickinson10/04/2006 10:45 PM

    I want songs that celebrate salvation.

  3. Just no bagpipes. Please, no bagpipes!

    I understand those who have a Scottish heritage wanting bagpipes at their weddings/funerals/christenings/whatever.... but it seems that a bunch of other people get bagpipers, too. I mean, please. The family is mourning enough already, they don't need to grieve over their ears being hurt or face the tortured pain of discordant melodies coming forth from a bag and pipes.

    So, don't play bagpipes unless you want me to get up, grab my walker, and slowly inch my way to the door in protest. (Assuming I'm not up at the party waiting for you, that is....)

  4. Be careful when you request songs about heaven. Someone might end up singing "She's taken a trip/on the Good Old Gospel Ship."

  5. I always liked "I'll Fly Away." It's happy, it gets to the point and it's fun to sing.

    Lyd -- I'm glad I could school you in a few things. I love our relationship that we can teach each other different things. =)

    Karbo -- Love the new pic. You're kitty's so cute

  6. I'm with you guys, no love songs for me either. I think something like "1999" by Prince "Two thousand-zero-zero, party over oops out of time, so tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999" or "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight". Yeah, I really want it to be something that will get MAB up on her feet, dancing in her walker, and if you can throw in a kicking bagpipe solo, so much the better.

  7. There's a book I read in high school called "Cold Sassy Tree" and in it the guy who died requested that the town have a party to celebrate his life instead of a funeral. It was great fun and I kinda liked that idea. I hate everyone wearing black at funerals. I want people to wear red to mine.
    @ Linds: They could sing "Where the Roses Never Fade"! :)

  8. @Steve: You'll have to work on your reading comprehension. There will be no shaking of my groove thing if there are bagpipes present. So, if y'all want to see this old lady busting a move with her walker, you'll have to leave the tartans at home. Steve, if this is too much of a sacrifice for you, you can wear a kilt. I won't walk out of a service where you're wearing a kilt. Well, unless I need to go stifle a snicker in the vestry or something.

    I'm with Teresa -- let's have big parties instead of solemn services! T, you've inspired me to put in my will that my funeral has to take place at the Papa Rollo's party room.

  9. Mmmm...Papa Rollos. I got all pysched to eat there one day with a free pizza coupon, and they had closed due to an electrical fire! (I think they're back open, though.)

  10. Carolyn Dickinson10/11/2006 9:29 AM

    new post! new post!