Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Countdown of Me

10 Random Things About Me
  1. Both my eyes are the same prescription
  2. I wanted to be a "workerman" when I grew up
  3. One of my favorite children's books was The Happy Dumptruck Man (hence random thing #2)
  4. The only C I made in college was in my major
  5. I cheated in the 2nd grade
  6. I do not generate my own heat
  7. I always use a blinker, even to turn into my driveway
  8. I want to live in Colorado someday, or at least stay for an extended period of time
  9. I want to train a dog to work with the elderly
  10. I didn't realize I was an otter personality until a year ago
9 Things I Love
  1. Jon
  2. My Family
  3. Friday
  4. Blue skies
  5. Nature
  6. Picnics
  7. Singing in the shower
  8. Sponteneity
  9. Watching the birds outside my window
8 Things that Annoy Me
  1. Listening to other people eat
  2. Tailgating
  3. Being forgetful (that annoys me about myself)
  4. Pessimism
  5. The mail lady that skips us when it's hard to get to the mailbox
  6. Ants that keep finding their way into our house
  7. The guy who honks at our neighbor's house, and won't quit until the neighbor comes out
  8. The neighbor who takes her time coming out
7 Favorite Foods
  1. Chips and Salsa
  2. Cheese Enchiladas
  3. Roast
  4. Vanilla Ice Cream
  5. Lemonberry Fresh Fruit Slush from Sonic
  6. Green Beans
  7. Popcorn
6 Favorite Authors
  1. CS Lewis
  2. LM Montgomery
  3. JRR Tolkien
  4. GK Chesterton
  5. Dorothy L Sayers
  6. Roald Dahl
5 Things to Do Before I Die
  1. Raise good kids
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon over the Serengeti
  3. Have a successful garden
  4. Own a home
  5. Pay off student loans!
4 Favorite Quotes
  1. "You think it'll work?" "It would take a miracle."
  2. "Your ANGRY eyes!"
  3. "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -- Isaac Newton
  4. "Have fun storming the castle!"
3 Stores I Love
  1. Old Navy
  2. IKEA
  3. Target
2 Places I Love to Go
  1. Church
  2. Vacation
1 Thing I Say A Lot
  1. Woohoo!


  1. So nice of you to list so many reasons why I love you!

  2. Thoughts I had while reading this about you:
    1. I generate my own heat and a lot of it according to cliff who says I radiate heat. But I am often cold. Go figure...
    2. I always knew you were an otter.
    3. Most of your authors have initials.
    4. You just made me hungry for cheese enchiladas.
    5. You should be able to accomplish the student loan payoff in the near future! :)

  3. Neat list! I should try one, too. Yes, we always knew you are an otter, that's why we love you!

    I know you'll accomplish the desires of your heart!

  4. Lydia, thoughts while reading your list...when are things about Lydia not random!

    That's why we love you!

  5. @CT: Aw!! You're the greatest hubby ever! :)

    @Teresa: I should find out Roald Dahl's middle initial. But I noticed that, too, about my authors. Thanks, by the way, for putting this on your blog awhile back, so I could copy it! :D

    @Momma: Feel free to copy it to your own blog, with your own answers!

    @Leanna: The funny thing is, these do not seem random to me. Are these random? :) Thanks for being my friend!!

  6. I forgot about this! I'll post mine soon, too.

  7. Okay, so maybe quote 3 of my 4 favorite is a little out of place. I can see that being random. :) But it's still a good quote, and the others are the ones I say the most. Based on the quotes, I'll give you one guess to name my favorite movie (like you don't already know!).

  8. This list should include favorite movies!

    (But then MAB might shoot down my favorite movies, too, and I could never live with myself.)

  9. @KarenD: Aww, man! I won't shoot down your favorite movies! I don't have a gun! And, even if I happen to eviscerate those same movies on my blog coincidentally on the same day, I'll once again preemptively apologize for the insensitivity of my timing. :) And, I never said your taste in Christmas carols stank... just those TWO.

    Although, I must say this: If your list of favorite movies includes any made for tv movie, I will mock it.

  10. What is "Your Angry Eyes" from?

  11. Toy Story, where Mrs. Potato Head packs Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes.

  12. She says..."And don't forget to pack your angry eyes..." as she shoves them in his backside compartment! =)

  13. I like the part on the bloopers where she's pulling out all the stuff from his backside compartment... here's dental floss, an umbrella, extra pair of shoes, etc.