Friday, December 29, 2006

Just a post between posts

Well, there's one final Early Works to come, but before that I wanted to post a quick post to say that Christmas was great! It was great to see family and friends that I haven't seen in awhile. It was great to have Christmas music on at all times. It was great that I hosted, yet somehow only had to warm the turkey and make cranberry relish and fruit salad. It was great that Friday got used to the strangers and constant coming and going, and by Christmas Day was quite the ham, in the middle of everyone's presents (especially the tissue paper and ribbons part). It was just great. Everything was wonderful. Tomorrow I put away decorations and begin planning for next year. ;)


  1. Planning for next year! Yikes!
    Yes, I too will be sad to have the Christmas music fade (as I am listening to it still at this very moment!), the tree retired and the presents put away.

    But yes, was a great blessed time with family and friends! Bravo 2006 and Howdy 2007!!

  2. I think I might just wait until next weekend to put up the decorations.

  3. I am not sad to see the Christmas music go...but it was a great Christmas. I think I will leave the decorations up a while. I like to look at the tree at night.