Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Every Cat Has Its Quirks

Here are a couple videos to show you Bonnie and Clyde in all their personality wonderfulness.

Bonnie is the explorer. She's the first one anywhere, and always curious. She's found the inside of the refrigerator, the inside of the dryer, the back corner of the closet, the top of the dresser, and the piece of paper in the trash can.

Well, maybe that last item isn't exciting for you, but it sure was for her!

And no, she never figured out she could knock the can over and retrieve the paper.

And Clyde, well, he's just as laid back as Bonnie is adventurous. He is the cat who wakes up from a nap and runs up to my desk chair to beg for lovin's. He'll sit on my lap, and I'm pretty sure he sleeps right on top of me all night long, until the morning comes and my love-deprived kitty meows incessantly for me to pet him. So, while it was certainly weird, it didn't seem too out of character that our sensitive little boy sucks his thumb. (The next video is two minutes long of thumb-sucking. If you've seen enough after thirty seconds, you won't miss much the rest of the way. If, however, you're like me and can't stop looking at something weird, then you'll have a whole two minutes of weirdness to watch.)

Jon says we have to try to break him of the habit, just like we would a kid. I think it's kind of cute and I'm not too worried about my cat's psyche, but we're supposed to be a united front, right? So I'm trying. But probably not hard enough and not successfully. He's just so cute....


  1. Yay for the BBC!

    (Broadcasting Bonnie and Clyde)

    Silly kitties! Can't wait to meet them. I love how Clyde's just chilling while sucking his thumb, and Bonnie starts to jump up and get into the scene. Little drama queen!

  2. My favorite part of that video is the end, when you can hear Clyde purring away, and then I zoom out and there's Bonnie, making sure she's in the scene. She IS a drama queen! :)

  3. Oh, I just realized that I watched the video without sound on! Well, guess I'll have to watch it again... I'll wait till Ian wakes up and see if he's interested in seeing kitties on screen.

  4. Much better with sound! Ian watched the kitty attack the trash can with great interest. He got a little bored with the thumb sucking... probably because he mastered that trick weeks ago. :-)

    Wow, you can even hear him sucking! That's crazy!

  5. Yeah, silly kittens. Someone likes their pets waayyy too much. I mean really! =)

  6. Wow, they are noisy, what with all the thumb-sucking and purring going on! I don't know how you get any work done. Not to mention taps coming from inside your tummy!

  7. The story of Bonnie--with her paper woes my heart goes out to her. What torture for you as the film maker to watch her struggle so without pushing the can offer...or what a horrible mother!
    The story of little thumb--I mean Clyde...I've seen it in person and laughed directly into his face. He'll never love his auntie ever again. Video just doesn't do anything for this precious act.