Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Good Thing for Pets

When we decided to get two cats, I picked out this waterer for them:
It works great, and I highly recommend it. I have only refilled it once, and it gives a constant supply of water for our two cats. It would not have worked for Friday, who had a tendency to splash his water all over the floor, but these cats don't play in it, so it's just fine.

On a random, only-related-because-it's-a-cat, note, I love that the kittens are still small enough to pick up and hold in one hand.
That's Bonnie, and both she and Clyde will sit in my hand like this for awhile. They're just as cute as can be!


  1. Aw, I want to meet them! I am coming to Ft. Worth sometime in July.

  2. Cute kittens rock! Hey there Bonnie and Clyde! And yeah, maybe that would be a good thing for the pupster!

  3. Such a cute kitty! I'm glad they don't splash their water all over the floor, too.

  4. Looking at that picture makes me want kittens :>(.

  5. @KarenN: You can come play with mine! :) They really are the greatest.