Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden goodness

Today I had a salad of tomatoes and cucumber with ranch. It was yummy, and the best part was that I grew it all in my own back yard! (Not the ranch.) So, being as I am not usually successful in my gardening attempts, I've deemed these Very Easy To Grow. When we were out of town in Boston, the temps unexpectedly rose to 100 degrees, and my cucumber plants (out in full sun all day) were fried. The tomatoes, in partial shade, fared better, but the leaves have always been puny. Still, both have been putting out the vegetables! I'm growing grape tomatoes and pickling cucumbers. I'm also growing a variety of each of hot pepper and bell pepper, but I don't think they'll have peppers growing for awhile yet. They're starting to get blooms, though.

All in all, I have enjoyed gardening so much. I think it would be a really good hobby. Jon's promised that whenever we buy a home, he'll till up some of the back yard for me. I already have big plans for it. :) Have I mentioned that before? I feel like I have.


  1. Your grandmothers both enjoyed gardening, too, so I'm glad you like it. Congratulations on your salad!

  2. You know if you grow some scallions and some herbs, and get a cow, I think you could make your own ranch too. Well, I guess I'll let you buy the milk! =)

  3. Are you going to make pickles again??

  4. @Karen: Well, pickles were the plan when I planted cucumber and dill, but the dill is long gone and I ate the one cucumber I had. So far the pickle idea is not working out. BUT, if I get a bumper crop of cukes all at once, I'm makin' pickles, baby! Wanna come help?

  5. Sure, heck, I'll buy you cucumbers if that's what it takes. Those pickles were YUMMY!

    We'll be in town on the 12th... I wanna come see your kitties!

    Speaking of, where's that long-awaited kitty post?