Monday, August 02, 2010

Home Tour: Living and Dining Revisited

Last weekend we had an Open House for all the members of our church. Our home is 45 years old and feels brand new because of all the hard work that the church put in before we even moved here. Every day Jon and I enjoy our home (and really have trouble picking our "favorite" room) because of what the church did. I found out at the Open House that the church built the house, so the members (many of whom remember when it was built) have seen it transform as ministers come and go. As my mom put it, it's like a Tour of Homes that comes to them, instead of them having to go to it!

So, the Open House was a chance to offer our part of the Tour of Homes. It was a chance to thank our friends and say, "Now you've seen it; feel welcome to come any time!"

It was a fun day, and many people loved the yellow walls (which had been a bit of a sticking point when we first moved here). I loved showing them the many handmade things around the home, some by me and many by friends and family. There isn't much in our home that can be found at Kirklands or someplace like that. Most of our decor has a story and a face behind it, which I love.

As a bonus, I just managed to snap a few pictures of every room before the first guest arrived, so the Home Tour blog posts can continue!

Before I start on any new rooms, I wanted to update the post about the living and dining area. Since then, I have framed some of my student artwork and put it in the dining room. We've also moved our baby swing out of the boys' room. I'm not sure it'll stay where it is, but it is the most convenient spot at the moment.

Here's the update!


  1. Your artwork looks wonderful on that yellow in their black frames. I knew it would! So great to have a unique home built and decorated with love!

  2. I really loved the color choice of your furniture for this room. The light blue and browns look so good. I love that your house is not Kirklands and made with love from all your family and friends. You're an inspiration. Your artwork is like the icing on the cake!

  3. The artwork really does pop on that wall! Great! Now you just need to keep working on new pieces so you can have a rotating gallery, right! =)
    Can't wait to see it in person!

  4. It looks so great! So bright and cheery, just like you. :)

  5. I love your furniture, too! I guess I didn't notice it in previous pics, but it's really cool how everything in that room has come together. Gosh, I'm somewhat inspired to get off my bum and get to work on my own living room. Key word: somewhat