Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Tour: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom: the haven of the homeowner and yet often the most-neglected spot in the house. That is true for us, and though I enjoy our bedroom, the color scheme doesn't match the rest of the house. It was also the last room to have the packing boxes taken out and things finally put together in some sort of organization--and that happened the day before the Open House! So I really am enjoying it now.

One thing I requested when we moved here was that I have a "mama chair" here in the bedroom to rock James and feed him. At the time, I thought the glider would remain in the boys' room. It has since moved to the family room, but I'm still enjoying the rocker in our room. It matches the "daddy chair" rocker in the living room, which means things will match in case we ever feel like moving furniture around. So now I have 3 places to rock my babies!

This bedspread should look familiar; we've had it for the entirety of our marriage! It may be the reason I think our room needs updated, but on the other hand, I really love it and haven't found a spread I like better.

And then the view from the closet back to the bathroom....

On into the master bath.... The tilework, cabinet top, and tub all used to be green--that green that was so popular in the 60s. It was all re-enameled to this pristine white before we moved in, and I have to tell you how happy that makes me. I feel that a retro green bathroom would not help me wake up in a good mood!

Oh, and did you want to see what I looked like at 34 weeks pregnant?


  1. I wondered how you captured this shot of you, but I thought it was Jon...I'm really impressed. I think your bedroom has a lot of potential. With being a good parent, you tend to want to make your kids rooms and your living space the best...but this room is yours and Jons. You can make this even more of a haven, but I love the mama chair! Your bedspread has some maroon in it, maybe make some pillows to go with it to add more color or add some colored frames to the wall. You're color oriented I know you could enhance this. Even some hunter greens would be pretty.

  2. Haahaa! Look at your big ol' belly! HI JAMES!! I also like the cat in the window.
    As for the bed, in opposite of what Margie was saying...ditch the maroon bed skirt since you've always had that and add in another color, perhaps a green or a yellow that might go in with the mix, but not necessarily be in the cover.

  3. Or, you could always swap this one for your guest room quilt...or just enlist your grandma once again!

  4. I just took a round of house pics today! The house was in order from your parents' visit, and it was clean because we had dinner guests last night. Not sure when it will look like this again, so I know what you mean! I am enjoying your home tour, but I can't wait to see it all (and Mr. James) in person!

  5. Just got caught up on your house tour posts: everything is beautiful! You're a great home-maker. I love how all of your rooms are cozy and personal!