Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Cut an Angled Bob Haircut

Now you have cut your bangs all by about giving yourself an entire haircut?

I've cut my hair for almost ten years now. That has included long hair, pixie cuts, and everything in between. Some haircuts have been huge fails, but you know what? I've paid for haircuts that have been huge fails before, too, so it happens to the best of us, I guess. While I've had stints in this time where I've paid for my haircuts, these days I mainly stick to cutting my hair myself. I can make the decision for the cut at the spur of the moment, I don't have to make an appointment, and I don't have to make sure someone else can watch the boys. It's free, and if it goes horribly wrong, I can always go the salon if needed.

So, not to say you need to give up your weekly/monthly/bimonthly appointment, but if you're interested in trying out a haircut on yourself, here's a good one to try. The Angled (or Wedged) Bob haircut. It's like a bob, only it angles up at the back.

Start with wet hair and pull it straight back into a tight pony tail. The higher your pony tail, the more layers you will have.

Pull the pony tail out away from your head to desired length. (If you want a very short wedge, and don't pull it out at all, this method will probably not work for you. It will cut too much off.)

Now cut off all the hair beyond the pony tail! Exciting!

Pull the holder out and admire your work so far. The hair at the back of my neck is usually a bit thick, so I hold the hair in my fingers (which are perpendicular to the ground) and trim. This would have been a good time for a picture, but it didn't happen.

It's almost right, but I've found that it helps to then cut off another inch or so straight off the bottom. I'm grabbing my chip clip from when I clipped my bangs to do this task. Clip and cut!

The chip clip wouldn't hold some of the hair up front, so I just pull that down with my fingers and snip it off.

Here it is air dried. Crazy hair and all it's flippy-ness.

And now I've told it who's boss. The flat-iron, THAT's who's boss!

From the side (that chunk of hair over my right shoulder is a reflection in the mirror, NOT an overlook on my part!).

You can see at the nape of my neck where the hair is still a bit thick and could use a little more trimming, but I've got to head out, so this is what it is for today. I can mess with it later, or just let it grow out a bit and no one will notice. *wink*

Obviously you can personalize this to your own taste! Leave it longer in front where I decided to cut it. Pull the ponytail higher for more layers in the back, or lower for less. Or, for an overall layered look with no angle, pull the hair up directly on top of your head! That's how my mom did it in college, which is where I got the idea in the first place to try it with an angle.

Have fun with it, and let me know if you try it!


  1. Wow, you're a brave soul. Although I've had my fair share of bad haircuts, too. Once I find someone I like, I stick with her (you know, until we move somewhere else).

    1. I agree you are brave! It is so super cute! I love that you cut your own hair and that you make it look so easy!

  2. I love the last picture. You shooting your back with the camera perfectly straight. If I took that, it would be crooked and who knows else. I'm tempted to do this! We'll have to see if I follow through. Great tips, thanks for sharing! I think I would probably skip the bangs, but you wear your cut well! And I could just use a trim and hate to think of paying someone else to do what you've shown. :)

  3. Lyd, I think your saving grace for do it yourself cuts is that you actually have body to your hair. If I tried this it would be a sad, uneven, limp mess.

    The upside is the no appointment. I tried to get my hair cut Saturday and the two salons I called were a no, still sad hair.

  4. Awesome job! I have cut my own hair at various times, mostly bobs. People say it can't be done but you and I prove it sure can!

  5. I love love love this! I was searching for a how-to on bob haircuts! I want to cut my hair and a trip to the salon is NOT in the budget right tired of long hair and the weather has been hot! Anyway, this is perfect! One question...when you said that to cut with no layers pull all the hair on top your head...can you elaborate a little more?

    1. Pulling all your hair to the top of your head will give you no angle, but it will give you layers. So instead of the angled bob, you will have a regular bob, where the layers are all the same length around your head.

      So, to pull your hair up on top, think of I Dream of Genie, and pull the hair right to the very top. Put a ponytail holder in, then slide the ponytail straight up above your head to the length you want. Cut above the ponytail holder, and you should be done!

      Let me know how it goes! Good luck!

  6. Just did this and so pleased with the result, I have come home from the hairdressers very upset in the past. I do have wavy hair so it hides any mistakes, but it looks fab.