Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Cut Bangs

Cutting bangs has always been a bit of a hassle to me. And considering I keep my bangs pretty long, I have to cut them often to keep them out of my eyes. A while back I saw an interesting idea about cutting hair using a special tool that looked a lot like a chip clip, and I thought it would be perfect for bangs! it is! How to cut your bangs with a Pampered Chef chip clip.

The before:

Tools Needed: comb, sharp scissors, and a swing-arm chip clip (Pampered Chef was the first place I saw this kind, but they're at Kroger and other places now)

 Use the comb to section off the hair you want to cut. I sort of part mine in a wedge (think of the opposite of a widow's peak). Then clip your bangs with the chip clip. Slide the clip down the hair to the desired length. Clip with scissors.



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    1. For some reason I can't find the way to make my own comments here so I'm having to "reply" to others...oh well. I just wanted to say that someone should pin this on pinterest! This is genius!

  2. Very interesting. And you look so young with bangs. ;-) Are you sure you're about to turn THIRTY!?!?

    1. I think it's the pony tail/no makeup combination that makes me look younger. :) I'll just let people make their own assumptions about my age.

  3. No offense, but you do look tired. That's something I've noticed in any pictures of me taken in the past few years... I look SOOOO tired! Phew, 30 or not, motherhood is trying!

  4. I love your high-tech equipment! I hate paying for haircuts, my solution is: never get haircuts. Usually I get a gift card about once a year, when I cut it all really short and then let it go for another 12 months!

    It's not a great technique...think your DIYs are better!

  5. Brilliant - just posted this on my Pinterest!