Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sadness of Bruce Lee

Well, I fear that my little fishy's days are coming to an end. :( He quit eating before we went to Missouri, but picked back up by the time we got back (I guess not getting his daily portion of dried worms forced him to find all the food he'd been ignoring already in his bowl). But now he's quit swimming. He used to like to swim a lot, and now he just sits on the bottom, resting on the pebbles. :( It's very sad. Bruce Lee, the fighting fish, should now be called, Jabba the Hutt, the lazy fish who never moves (unless someone does that computer-generated stuff like in star wars, but I didn't think it was very believable).

So, if anyone has any parting words they'd like to say to little Brucie, I will convey them to him. He's been like this for a week, and may hold out longer, but I'd go ahead and get your words in soon, just in case.



  1. Bruce Lee, you are much loved and will be greatly missed. You are going to a happy fish place.
    Love, Freddy Lusk

  2. carolyn Dickinson8/14/2005 8:43 AM

    Bruce Lee,
    You have brought joy and entertainment to your humans. You will be missed.May your kind increase.