Monday, August 29, 2005

Update on my life....

It's been awhile since I've blogged, at least in terms of events. Here are the things that have happened:

1) I have a job! Irony of ironies, I'm working back where I used to work! I had been very depressed about not finding a job. While I trusted that God would take care of us, it was quite a blow to me that after three months of searching I still had not found a job. Then, out of the blue, my boss called and said they wanted me back! It was such a blessing, and worked in a way that it could only be God. There are so many good things about the job: I can work from home. This allows me to see Jon at least a little bit on the days he works nights; he comes home at lunch, so I can see him then. I already know what I'm doing--no wandering around trying to find the bathroom, or wondering who I report to or how they will respond. They already know how I work--no wasting time training and taking a gamble on a new employee. The job is full-time (whereas it had been part-time before), which means that I will be given more responsibilities and more challenges, which will be fun. The job pays what we need so we won't have to take out loans for school, and might be able to pay our existing loans faster. And when I go into town once a week, I can visit with my friends!

2) I have a cat! Many of you knew that when I got a job I would get a cat. Well, even I wasn't expecting to get one so soon, but that's the way God works. :) The Friday my boss called to confirm my position, a neighbor brought over a stray kitten. He was a pitiful little kitten, 5 weeks old full of worms and mites, but he's getting much better. His name is Friday, and he's absolutely adorable. He went to the vet today, and he weighs 1lb 6 oz. He gained 6 oz. in a week! He's learning how to jump, though not quite succeeding. He's also starting to explore the house. And best of all, Jon loves him like crazy! :)

3) Roomie Reunion was this past weekend! That was a whole lot of fun. My roommate Leanna, and her roommates Karen (sis-in-law) and Angela all got together for a weekend o' fun. It was great. Enchiladas, brownie cake, fondu, homemade cinnamon Karen and I agreed, "A 5-pound weekend." Needless to say, I'm going running tonight. But the weekend was a great vacation and I loved spending time with friends!

4) My Mawmaw is home from the hospital after back surgery, and not only is she healing well, but she is walking, which she hasn't really done in four years!

5) Jon's started school! Lots of reading and papers, but he's very excited about his classes, and I love listening to all the things he's learning.

So I guess that's what's happened in the last 10 days. I wish you could all come see little Friday! Our parents have a grand-kitten, which is about as good as they're going to get for awhile! :) He's going on his first trip to visit grandparents over Labor Day, so we'll see how he does with travel (and with remembering where his litterbox is in a new house).

We've made it to the end of the Summer Without Jobs and God has provided. He's amazing beyond imagination.


  1. Why would you have to wonder around to find the work at your house...I mean honestly if you don't know where the bathroom is by now we should talk!!

  2. I would be wandering if I were in a new place, not here! :)

  3. I can't spell...and I'm not ashamed...besides, its Teresa's fault...she wasn't here for me to ask her how to spell it!!