Saturday, August 13, 2005

Spontaneous Pancakes

Last night I waited up for Jon to talk to him about a job possibility. When he got home, he was hungry and so was I (neither of us had had much dinner). So we went to IHOP! At midnight! It was fun to be spontaneous.

Other than that, my job situation is looking up. I guess it's still not certain, but I may end up working out of my house, which would be great! I love working at home, although I'll have to find ways to get out and about so I don't get too tired of being inside and I won't feel cooped up. My career goal has been to work from home. Eventually I want to freelance completely, but if I can get someone to pay me a steady salary and benefits while I work at home, I won't complain! I hope I'll be working at home whenever we have kids, because I'd like to stay at home with them but also be able to bring in a paycheck. Thankfully, that is a possibility as a graphic designer.

On the other hand, I like people, and I won't get to be with many during the week. No food days for my birthday or people popping in to ask how to do something on their computer. My friends will be those I meet at church, and my bubble will be pretty small. During the week, my bubble will be just me while Jon's at school and work. Me...and a cat! :) And my music up loud while I get my work done. I think I'm going to like it.

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  1. carolyn Dickinson8/14/2005 8:47 AM

    Pancakes at midnight is possible because you don't have kids. Enjoy the spontaneous moments while you can. As for the work-from-home job, woo-hoo!! Many of us will be envious as we fight traffic, long commutes, fluorescent lights, office noise, dress codes, sack lunches in dumb cafeterias, etc. While you, on the other hand, will have FREEDOM to work/dress/listen as you please at home PLUS have the excitement of a weekly trip to the "home office" for consultation and meetings with bigwigs, a chance to "dress to kill" (power dressing) on those days only, a chance to visit /lunch with old friends whenever you're there, etc. WOW!!