Friday, August 19, 2005

Summer reading list

So I'm a little late in the game on summer reading lists, but I was wondering if anyone is reading anything good? I've read Garbo Laughs, which was kind of weird, but good, I decided. And now I'm reading Clara, about the composer Robert Shumann and his wife, Clara. Man, those composer people are messed up. Well, especially Shumann. He was known to have mental illnesses, evidently. Anyway, makes for an interesting story.

I'm also reading Christian Reflections by C. S. Lewis. It's a compilation of essays on what our Christian response should be to certain things. The first essay was called Christianity and Literature, and I really enjoyed it because I translated it over to being Christianity and Art, and it is very applicable in my field.

If you read this, can you list for me some exceptional books you've read, and maybe your favorite authors? Summer reading can commence!


  1. Well, mine are on my blog and you have already read them i'm sure :)

  2. I read a good Calvin and Hobbs book...and a great Zits colection book as well. Plus I've been reading some articles on .xml, .php, and action script while learning to do some stuff. How's that for summer reading :):):)

  3. by the way...are you still walking around with bobby pins all over your clothes??? he he he

  4. Your kitten pictures are soooo cute! He is so little and fragile! I like your narrations too, Little Person! :)