Friday, February 23, 2007

Go away Spammers!

Due to a large amount of spam coming to my blog, I've enabled word verification. If you have a blog, I don't think you'll have to use it, but I don't know. It's a pain, and I hate it, but maybe it will keep the spam off. I've deleted so many in the past few days, it's ridiculous! It's weird, because I've had this almost two years, with no word verification, and have just started getting spam. Maybe it's the New Blogger. Argh.

Anyway, happy Friday! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I'm working on one right now that hopefully I'll have up by the end of the day.


  1. I found a bag like you had last night of those gems for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby + 40% off coupon = a good buy! Had a hard time finding a quarter cut circle punchie thingie me I shall have to steal yours...and I had a thought of using the scraps of scrap book paper for little punch outs...they'd all match and what not. Awesome stuff. And that glue...what's the name of it again. I went to Walmart and looked for the little cutter...I may just have to steal yours too...and take you to lunch or something so I don't feel bad using all your stuff! Luv

  2. What projects have you been doing?

  3. Ooooh... are you making magnets again? For someone's birthday??