Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goings on in my day

Well, today has been a different day for me. It started at 5:30am, getting ready to go to the hospital. Holly's baby, Sophia, was getting tubes put in her ears. I was going along for moral support, and, it turns out, to hold things as we went from room to room. Anyway, I felt very important with my arm band that identified me as One Who Could Enter the Recovery Room.

Sophie was not a happy girl. She hasn't been for some time, hence the tubes, but she was particularly unhappy for several reasons.
  1. Her ears hurt.
  2. All the medicine to make her ears better made her throw up (I was covered in green bean goo last night–another first for me).
  3. She couldn't eat anything this morning, and anything she had eaten last night (the aforementioned green beans) had been thrown up. So she was pretty hungry.
  4. She hadn't slept since 2 this morning, so she was pretty tired, too.
  5. Doctors have scary snake things hanging around their necks, which they kept touching her with. (Also known as stethoscopes, but she didn't know that).
Then...she went into surgery (we were thankful she had been cleared, even though she was sick) and came out about 15 minutes later. We headed to the recovery room, where lots of little babies were being comforted by their mothers. Sophia was even less happy than before. Now, her ears felt better, but according to the doctor, everything would sound like a scream to her. She has been virtually deaf because of all the gunk in her ears, and every noise would be a rude awakening. Kind of like after your ears finally pop, only probably ten times worse.

Finally in the car, she fell asleep on the way home. I dropped she and Holly off on their side of the duplex, so they could make up for all the lost sleep last night, before heading to mine to start work for the day. Supposedly, Sophie will wake up a whole new kid, happy and pain-free. I can't wait to go visit this evening.

I also bought the Big-E Pak of Eclipse gum. That was actually last night, on a late night trip to Walgreens for Pedialyte, but it was still exciting. It has 60 pieces of gum in it. I thought it would fit in a cup holder in a car, and it will, but it's still sort of small. So "big" is relative. I still like it, though. Does anyone else buy a product for the package? Reminds me of the time my mother-in-law bought this great milk for me in Kansas City, just because I fell in love with the way it looked. It was in a glass bottle, with a really clean design. Very cool. I still have it, and use it to hold water when I'm painting. It was from a dairy farm in Missouri.

Speaking of dairy farms, did you know you can buy your own dairy farm? Don't tell me you're not tempted! Fresh (and warm...ew...) milk every day!

In regards to farming, my little seedlings are starting to take a turn for the worse. Several that had looked so healthy are starting to droop and die. There's just the right amount of water, so I'm wondering if it's the amount of light, or if it's too cold in the house, or what. Needless to say, I'm starting to look for coupons to our local nursery. Maybe I just wasn't meant to grow plants from seed.

Ah! That reminds me! You might know that my birthday is coming up. Last year I asked for things for my garden. I feel like it is pretty well-established (unless, of course, I go buy plants from a nursery), so I have another item on my birthday list. It is a handy dandy camcorder! A lot of you have seen videos of Friday; I've even put one up here before. But, my little digital camera has only so much it can do. And, it's starting to get lines running through the video, which just won't do. Anyway, I've picked out a nice camcorder (left), which is, of course, very expensive. However, I'm hoping to save up for it, and if that doesn't work out, I'll get the one right below this one in quality (and almost $300 less!). Or wait until a good price comes up on this one at eBay. All that to say, if you want to help with the Lydia Wants To Be Spielberg Fund, just cash would be great, instead of gift cards to any certain place.

However, if you feel like you want to give something else, I've decided to start utilizing the Amazon Wish List. (Link to the right.) It has some limitations, but it should give a general idea of things I think are fun, if you're ever stuck for an idea. For example, I would like a reclining chair for my back yard. At, the cheapest one I could find was almost $70. That's ridiculous, and if you see one for $10 at Big Lots, I'd be perfectly fine with that. However, when you see the H180 Holton Farkas Double French Horn with Fixed Bell, that is exactly what I want. :) Oh, and I also put a lot of accessories for the camcorder I like, but if I end up getting the cheaper one, then none of those accessories would work, so you might as well stick to the other stuff.

Whew, so much explanation for how to give me stuff! So silly, too. Any one of you could come spend a day with me, and I would be a happy girl. Of course, if you came with an indoor/outdoor weather station, that would be really great! Haha! :) I'll try to update my list, and add some more stuff, mostly because it's fun to "shop." Karen N mentioned the other day that she appreciated that her brother had an Amazon wish list, so I thought that maybe it would be a helpful thing for people. Of course, I notice she doesn't have one of her own.... :)

Friday has his own little medical drama over the past couple of days. He got his yearly round of vaccinations on Tuesday, and he got pretty sick, probably worse than Sophia, in proportion. I was glad he hadn't had any green beans, and that we were able to keep him on the tile. Poor kitty. Anyway, we ran him back to the vet for a shot to calm his stomach, and to make a note to give him medicine before his vaccinations next year, so it won't happen again. He's been kinda puny since then, but started playing a little this afternoon, and eating a few bites. He's resilient, and he'll make it. His eye is looking pretty good now, and I think it's all healed up. It still waters a bit, but the vet thinks that is a side effect we'll have to live with because of scarring in his tear duct.

So, I guess that's about the last few days in review. Our lives seem pretty busy right now, and March isn't looking very calm either. But, I guess that's life. Might as well live it instead of sitting at home!

Which is what I'm doing right now....


  1. Whew...ok...I feel worn out after reading that. I'll try to live up to your gift giving standards. Since when did we start dictating to friends what to get? I I thought that was just Santa! =)

    Oh....wish I was the one in the duplex next to you, minus the baby. Don't think I can handle! Kudos to Holly for that one.

  2. Well, the list is more for suggestions. I know I can get stuck when I realize it's someone's birthday, and I don't have a clue what to get them. So, if it's useful to you, you can use it. But if you never look at it at all, that's fine, too. :)

  3. I am glad to have the list, although sometimes I cop out and just stick with size fits all! :)

    Sorry you've had a trying week with sick cats and babies. You'll survive it all! And then the good days will be sweeter ... because no one's throwing up!

  4. Phew! What a story!

    Wow, your short hair looks darker! (Probably cuz you cut the red off, huh?)

  5. You didn't enter your birth-date on your amazon wish list.

  6. Wow what a long blog. Glad you could be helpful with the baby. She is a cutie! And your hair looks great in that picture, so spunky and fun! :)

  7. Well, Sophie woke up still in pain, and nowhere near happy. Plus she was still throwing up. Be praying for Holly, as she needs some sleep and a happy baby!

  8. I like the new pic also. And it's tough with large purchases to ask or not for a birthday or christmas. I have often struggled with this myself with my media background. Tim and I have held off on such items because of the large expense...but if people give money at birthdays--that's definitely something that it can go toward. Amazon lists are wonderful. With our families being so stretched across the country it helps us to know what interests others and ways that we can get someone something they enjoy. Usually you add many things to the list, but not with the assumption you want every little item. That leaves room for surprise and even may trigger an idea in your head for something else the person might like. Glad the babies doing well and poor Friday is such a drama kitty tiger. What are we going to do with him. I finished Narnia and will get it back to you soon. Luv!

  9. 3 G for the french horn! Hilarious. I want to add something crazy funny like that to my list. You crack me up. We're so meant to be buddies.

  10. Hey Lydia, I don't know if you remember me (Kari from Columbus Ave. in Waco), but Teresa Lusk suggested that you might be interested in this....I work for a company in Austin that does custom wall finishing in people's homes. I love it - it's all art stuff. Anyway, we're opening up a branch in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and she said you might be interested. The company's website is and they're looking to hire relatively soon. If you have questions, email me at I hope that y'all are doing well!

  11. @Kari: Wow! That site is really cool! I will shoot you an e-mail, though I think Teresa may have too much confidence in my ability! :)

  12. I don't have to much confidence in your ability...because I have a good perspective to balance it from..and I personally think your an exceptional artist (thats pronounced art-iy-st).

    And again - no birthdate in Amazon still.

  13. I know her birthday!!! It's March 16th!

  14. And by that I really meant that I did have confidence in your ability. What I was trying to do was make a comparison statment on your comment that "Teresa may have too much confidence in my ability."

    But now a day later when I read it thats not how it came out. But what it should say is I think you could work wherever you want because you have the skill.