Friday, February 09, 2007

It's time, once again

The skies are blue, the birds are chirping, little green shoots of life peer up from the earth. It's time. Time to cast off the old, bring on the new, refresh, renew. It's time for change, for fresh air, for new things.

It's time for the Spring Haircut.

My hair fluctuates from long to short. It doesn't happen annually, but there is a pattern. Usually, I cut it short once, then don't want to go back to get another hair cut, so I start growing it out, until it feels heavy and long and untameable, then I go and chop it all off again.

I seldom do more than blow-dry my hair. That's usually sufficient, but lately, it still hasn't looked "fixed," and I feel frumpy. I'm thinking (and this could change, of course) that it's time for a short cut, and this time I might stick to it for awhile. Which means, I have to pick the perfect one. Let's go through a series of images now....

Here is my first extreme haircut. It worked out really well, primarily because my hair was used to having a lot of weight on it, so it bounced up with lots of volume. The cons are that it eventually got used to not as much weight, and it flattened back down. Also, the back doesn't really look fixed to me.

Plus, this is basically what it would look like on a bad day (this wasn't the same haircut, but similar):

On my next short cut, I decided to take it to the extreme--the pixie.

The pros to this are that it's extremely easy to take care of. Sure, it still needs some kind of product in it, but usually just run through with my fingers, and no blow-drying. I could probably do that, even on a bad day. The cons are that I didn't, so there were days that I looked like a boy. Plus, the back was so short, it felt kind of weird. That was the only time I've had someone shave my neck. That was odd. It was at this point that I decided to grow out my hair again, which I did until after our wedding.

Spring came, and I again had the desire to cut my hair, but this time I went for a more fun, casual cut, that flipped out in the back.

I loved this cut, and felt it fit my personality very well. However, the cons are that it won't flip out about three weeks after the cut, and if I don't flip it out, it doesn't look too great. Also, I was putting about four different products in my hair, which seemed kind of ridiculous. To add on top of that, I was cutting it myself to save on salon costs, which worked out okay, but you can tell I can't cut bangs.

Looking at old photos today, it turns out I'd had that cut before, only I didn't work nearly as hard at it....

Back to present times, I kept that for awhile, and then started growing it out again. Here's what it looks like growing out:

It's really not so bad, and I wouldn't mind going back to that, but I think I want something a little more different than what I have now. The pros to that cut are that it didn't take any product, just blow-drying it out well. The cons are that this is the longest cut here, and it takes longer to blow-dry.

So it seems like the best one is the pixie, because it takes the least amount of work and product (discounting the longer cut). But I have to find a way to make it feel more feminine, with longer length in the back. Would that end up looking like a mullet? Ooh...scary....

Here is a picture I found probably a couple of years ago, and saved for that day (today) when I decided to chop all my hair off again.

It does have a little more length in the back, but I'm not sure it's exactly right. For example, I think the longer area around the ears might make my face look longer than it already is. And I have lovely cowlicks at the nape of my neck, so I might need even a little more length on the back than this photo suggests, to keep things laying properly. Then again, I'm wanting it to flip out, so maybe I should just run with it! :)

Anyway, now you know my dilemma. Basically, I want my hair to fix itself, and look fabulous the minute I get out of bed. Is that too much to ask? All I really ask is that I never have hair like this again:

Talk about out-of-bed beauty!!


  1. I got my summer cut yesterday. It's short...but I like it. I have the same problem as hair is absolutley lifeless. Flat to my head with no volume, and I don't really know how to make it have volume. Anytime I try a product I use way too much and it ends up greasy. I am going to experiment today and hopefully you can see it on Monday.
    I think you should go for the cut you got last summer. Very flattering, very young looking. I to have something on the neck or I feel like a boy. Whatever you end up doing, we need to take some fashion smashion photos when you get it cut to show off our new hottness! love you sis...see you soon!
    ps-I also want my hair to do itself. I care way more about my makeup then my hair...always have, always will.

  2. Karen,
    Are you talking about the haircut at the end of this post? I did like that, but it's too long. I need shorter. :)

    I can't wait to see your new haircut! The only way I get volume is to blowdry it up-side-down. And once I tried this stuff that was called Root Uplift or something. But you're right: it's easy to put too much gunk on it.

  3. Oh, of the trivial pains of womanhood. If only we all had a stylist that just followed us around.

    I love the pixie, the long layered pixie does slightly scare me, BUT if you don't like the longer layers you can just get them cut off and go to the short-short look.

    I also think a flat iron would help you achieve some of your flippyness, so the "cute cut" may work. I just put anti-frizzy in, flat iron and then spray when needed.

    But yes, at all costs refrain and run away from the last picture's 'do!

  4. Hm...I have a flat iron. Maybe I should pull it out and see what I can do with it after I get it cut.

    By the way, I'm thinking I'll do this next Saturday. Although I guess tomorrow isn't busy, either....

  5. I think the short cut will be cute. You will pull it off well. Do it for all of us round faced foes who cannot pull off such a cut! :) Sorry I wasn't very helpful last night, I do love finding the bad silly cuts in those magazines!

  6. And there's that picture from the choir concert... I like your hair there. I think your Mom has it hanging on the wall.

    Short hair is definitely easier. I think it'll look great!

  7. Picture from the choir concert? How old was I? I'm drawing a blank....

  8. PS -- Do you have Scott's link...I wanna see his Top 10 Veggie Tales review. Thanks!

  9. Lydia:

    You can be glad that what hair there is, is not white with skin showing through !!! If I had to choose for you I think I would go with a pixie look.



  10. Grandpa,
    Thanks for your input! Jon says he'll like a shorter cut, and I should go for whatever. He does like red hair, though, so you never know! I could come out a red-headed, pixie-cut Julia Roberts Tinkerbelle!

  11. The one thing that makes me want to cut my hair is the crazy frizz and static of this time of year's weather...but then again with a short cut...that happens to...oohhhh warm weather hurry up!

  12. No kidding! Listen to this week's forecast:
    40s today
    50s tomorrow
    60s Sunday
    70s Monday
    40s Tuesday

    Go away 40s!! I don't like you! Just when I get my hopes up, you come back!!

  13. Yes... and why are the pretty days in the middle of the week when we can't enjoy them, and on the weekends, it's cold and gray?

    Um, the picture is from when the four of us went to the choir thingy at Baylor. You even mentioned it to me yesterday!

  14. My appointment is tomorrow at noon!!! Woohoo!!

    I'll post before and after pics, for sure! :)

  15. Ooo its still cold, if you cut it now, your neck is going to be cold next week! I like the flippy cut the best. I always thought you looked so grown up and trendy with that hair. But if it was me with that cut, and I worked at home, I would never fix it on days I stayed home, so then why bother with such a cute cut. I don't like the short pixie as much just because it is so short. But you know me, we are the opposites in hair. I was just rejoicing today in the shower that mine is getting long enough that I can feel it on my back. :)

  16. If your stylist helps you to find a style that can be instantly beautiful with no maintenance, please share the miracle!

    From the pictures, I like the flippy look the best. I'm trying to pull off something similar, and you're right-it's hard to maintain if you don't keep up with regular trims. Hmm...

    Also, I am bummed about the resurgence of the cold weather, too. Just when I got excited about wearing skirts to work again!

  17. It is 2:08 on Saturday, what do you look like??? :)