Friday, February 23, 2007

Photo Blog

Because I haven't come up with anything good to post in forever, I'm just posting photos today.

First, a slideshow of the world's biggest yawn.

Next, a photo of little Sophie. She's starting to crawl, and I got to babysit her last weekend!

We had a new bird come to our feeders! I just added suet to the menu, and evidently this Downy Woodpecker likes it! (I thought it was a Hairy Woodpecker, but the beak seems too small...still a funny name, though.)

And in case you didn't see enough of Friday....


  1. Yea! for Friday pictures. Love them...never too many! And yes, what an interesting bird...let me know if you find out what it is. OR I can forward it to my A&M buddies and they certainly figure it out!

  2. It's seriously a Downy Woodpecker. That's the name. A Hairy Woodpecker looks just like it but has a longer beak. I don't have two to compare, but I'm thinking this looks like a shorter beak, so that makes it a Downy.

    I have a handy dandy bird book with pictures from my dad. Usually, I have three kinds of birds: sparrows, doves and finches. So when another kind shows up, I get pretty excited. :)

  3. That yawn was so huge...I think I saw myself on the other end of him. Or maybe his stomach...or maybe you. .... or maybe your cat just has a huge mouth! I'm going to zoo orientation tomorrow (called in just the nick of time for their monthly meeting)...I'm excited!!!! (see my blog!)

  4. What a nice sleepy cat :)

  5. I need to take more pictures of a grown Bailey. I can't really catch him in his sleep, though. Mainly because he sleeps on me and usually when I don't have a camera nearby.