Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The CatGenie

I got an e-mail from Petco today with a new product highlighted: the CatGenie. One reviewer equated it to the move from bedpans to today's toilets. As I sit here, my nose reminds me that today is the day to change Friday's litter. Ugh. If it weren't for the cost--$279.99 (and that's with a $90-off sale)--I think this might be a great idea. Get it while it's hot; the sale ends tomorrow!


  1. Wow, that IS amazing. Does it really flush out of the house with regular sewage? So, how do you connect it to the pipes?

    The word "Sani-solution" is kinda funny sounding.

  2. It has a drain tube that hooks over your 1) toilet or 2) laundry drain. If it's the toilet, I guess you then have to flush the toilet. If it's the drain, it just drains out like the water from your washing machine.

    You connect it to the pipes with a T-connector that attaches onto the cold water of your toilet or washing machine.

    So, essentially, it has plumbing, just like your toilet!