Monday, July 16, 2007


I've gotten a few surprises in my garden this year! One is this beauty:
It's about 3 feet tall and the flower itself is 5 inches wide or so.

Then, because of all the rain, these came up:

And I don't remember planting these this year...I thought I planted them last year....

On the indoor front, my bonsai is making new branches!
They're bigger now than from this picture. I have three new branches. I'm glad, because with all the advances the tree has made this year, it still looks a little scraggly. New branches will be nice.

And in non-gardening news, Holly and Sophie went with us to the lake last week with our church. Here's Jon and Sophie:


  1. Yay for plantlife!

    Our crepe myrtles only bloomed for like two weeks. I swear they bloomed all summer last year!

    The windblown bangs look is cute on Sophie!

  2. Oh, and we have these people who live near us who have sunflowers peeking out over their fence! Those suckers can get huge!!

  3. Yeah, kids can pull off anything!

    Only one of my crepe myrtles has bloomed; still nothing on the other one....

    I don't know how big your crepe myrtles are, but if they're small enough, clip off the dead flowers. That encourages more flowering. Of course, it worked fine without it last year...I blame it on the weather. :)

  4. Jon so big. Sophie so little. Beautiful sunflower!

  5. Ditto Margie. What a great picture of Sulley and Boo!

  6. Sulley and Boo!! hahaha
    Perfect, Leanna!