Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mawmaw's Wedding Photos

Here are the photos of the wedding! At least, the best 135 out of 421. :) The wedding was wonderful--very sweet. The new couple seemed to enjoy every minute of it, and everything was beautiful. I really enjoyed using the spiffy camera, too!


  1. Too much fun. So happy for Mawmaw! And way to be a great wedding photog, Lyd!

  2. Fantastic photos ..............
    I hope i need a professional photographer (not for a wedding; maybe for a book signing) because I know where to get the best.

    Lydia, you did great !!!!!


  3. Lydia, you really did a wonderful job. If it means anything to you: if these had been my wedding photos, I would have been well pleased! You captured the day and the fun. They are a pleasant newlywed couple. I know it's just one shot---but the one of Megan with the harp is amazing. What a great perspective. I would definitely send her a copy. Great attention to detail. I love the stained glass and their hands on the flowers. Beautiful!!! BRAVO! Fancy cameras do you well my love!

  4. Love the bubble blowing one and him pushing the shopping cart of presents! Like the baby's breath one too. Your dress looks nice and you seem to have a bit of a tan on your arms :) Whose camera did you use? You did a great job! :) What a pretty and nice wedding!

  5. @Grandpa: Well, maybe not the best, but at least the cheapest! Ha!

    @Margie: Thanks! As a photographer yourself, your comments mean a lot. :) I thought the one of Megan turned out great, too, and I did send it to her. My mom said she was "exquisite" and everyone loved her!

    @Teresa: Hm...where could I have gotten that tan from?? We rented the camera, and here are the specs, in case anyone wants to do the same:
    body: Canon Rebel XT
    lenses: 50mm f/1.8 II (all photos w/o flash)
    35-80 f/4-5.6 (the flash family photos)
    Canon 580EX Speedlite flash with turbo battery pack

    Then various stuff to hook it all together. The battery pack and bracket to hold it all made me look very professional, and if nothing else, helped people understand I was "the" photographer. :) Total rental cost for the weekend was $125 and I think it was worth every penny. I especially loved the 50mm lens.

  6. I am so proud of my very talented, beautiful daughter!

  7. Yay, my face was first!

    (Spoken like a true only child.)

    The weekend was beautiful, and you did a great job capturing a very special time for Maw Maw and Ken.

  8. Yes, the shopping cart shot was really funny!

  9. They are adorable and brought tears to my eyes. It's wonderful to see two people who obviously love each other very much get married surrounded by family and friends who obviously love them very much! I especially liked the picture where your dad was giving Mamaw away. I thought that was really sweet and meaningful.

    Congratulations to the new couple!