Friday, July 27, 2007

Weather Wonders

July 25, 2007
1:10 pm 82 degrees
Expected high today: 90 degrees
Expected low tonight: 69 degrees

July 25, 2006
High: 98
Low: 80

And that's just the temperatures! There are loads of clouds in the sky, with a nice cool breeze. Everyone's lawns are green. The lakes are up. There's no burn ban.

What a great summer. We go biking at lunch, which I hadn't been looking forward to when summer came on, but it's been just perfect! If Texas summers were always like this, no one would ever leave!

Oh, and I've added a poll to the side column! Be sure and vote!


  1. It really has been crazy weather. I was freezing last night at the ballpark and it kept threatening to rain.

    So I had to bundle Harry Potter up in a camp chair cover and Joe got me a warm-up shirt during innings. I'm pathetic...

  2. I like the new color scheme of your page.