Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hair Experiment

Why is it that every hair cut is a much-weighed decision? Yesterday, Leanna was asking me what she should do with her hair this next cut, and for once, I stuck with the simple, "I think you should do what you did last time." She and I never do that! We usually start looking at books, going online, discussing face shape and hair color...and yes, pretty much for every cut. It could be because we're dramatic, but I think it's because we like change...at least with our hair.

In early August, I had no idea what to do with my hair. The plan was to let my hair grow out until early November, when I would get it cut short again, so it would feel new and cute when I was 9 mos pregnant. But then I realized that growing out my hair from August to November was not enough time for it to get past the awkward stage, and why go through three months of awkward just to cut it short again? So, then I thought maybe I should just keep growing it out, even after Caleb's born. I've had it short for awhile; it's time for something new. But then I realized (after a conversation with Karen, my source for all things new mom) that I don't want hair that needs to be fixed when I'm a brand new mom and people show up with dinner or just to see the baby. I need hair that I can wet down, run gel through, and it's done. That, my friends, is short hair. (The other low-maintenance option is hair long enough for a pony-tail, but I can't pull that off in three months.)

So, after that debate, I decided I would do short hair, but try to get the shape back to the first short cut I got with Lynn. Lynn was still my regular stylist, but every appointment my hair got shorter and shorter, so I decided to try someone new. Still being cheap, I went to Ogle School of Cosmetology, where I got a 6-buck haircut. Sweet! And the student did a great job, kept the length, but shaped it up very nicely. I really liked the way it turned out.

And then two weeks later, it was frumpy again. Ah...now I see why those short haircuts were so nice. I could go 6-8 weeks between cuts before. I put off the decision for a few more weeks, but yesterday, I was done. To make my hair presentable on Sunday, I had to gel, blowdry, curl, pomade, and spray my hair, and I was not going to do that again. Sure, it's cute, but way too much work! So yesterday I went back to Lynn, and pretty much had my head shaved. Back to its pixie glory. Someday I'll grow it long, but today is not that day.

In the midst of these length concerns, I also had color to worry about. I have been highlighting my hair for awhile now, and had ended up with a little bit of a highlighting mess: more highlights on one side of my head than the other, and roots over an inch long. (Why do I choose to do things that require maintenance when I obviously don't maintain them??) So, the plan was to dye my hair back to its original color, and then put new highlights in. I didn't know if the color would cover up the existing highlights enough, but I thought it was worth a try.

And it worked! The old highlights were mostly covered, with a slight color variation off of the brown I chose, but I like to think of that as added depth. And then the new highlights...well, I'm pretty sure I like them. I did them myself, so at some point I just gave up because my arms were getting tired, but I think I got them all in the right places.

So basically, my hair looks like it did about two months ago, and I like it. :) I especially liked fixing it this morning! Yep, I think it's the cut for me, at least until it's time to grow it out again. But until that time comes, I think I'll just take my own advice to Leanna. I'm gonna stick to the cut I have.


  1. Well, it's cute of course, and I stand by my word... easy is key with a baby! The maintenance part is not fun, though. I'm back to get a haircut today in fact, so once a month, I'm due, it seems.

  2. Lydia I think it looks good too. I am not a big opponnent of short hair but with your cut and Karen's cut (and even my own cut)I am beginning to like short. I know I like the maintenence of short hair. If you ever need help in highlighting your hair I would be happy to help. I have had a lot of experience. I hope your health stays good and I can't wait to meet baby Caleb. Let me know if you ever need any help. I am very close and always available. You are kinda like an adopted daughter to me. God bless!! Love ya.

  3. You are totally rocking the short hair!

    I've had the same hairstyle for about 14 years - long and straight - mostly because I'm too lazy to do any sort of styling or maintenance. :)

  4. I like your super short hair, too. You could get a little more daring with the gel if you want a change sometime. The highlights look good! I was never brave enough to do that and then I started turning gray in my 30's. So enjoy the highlights!

  5. Looks great! I stick with ponytail-able styles (how's that for a new word?) and since I only manage to make it to the salon about twice a year color changes are out for me. I might have to change that though as the gray that first appeared in high school is becoming more prominent. Sad.

  6. I love your cut and Karen's right, easy cuts are good with Caleb on the way. Plus, he won't try grabbing it...well, he may...but it will be more difficult and only show his development is beyond so many other babies...that merely grab at long hair that's just in their face...vs. the challenge of short pixie hair where you have to jump up and you might have the next Michael Jordan! White babies can jump!