Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There's a trick to it!

Jon and I are fans of natural peanut butter. But, if you've ever had natural peanut butter, you know our problem with it: by the time we've made it about a quarter way through the jar, the rest is a solid block, making it nearly impossible to get out and spread evenly on a piece of bread.

Well, I've figured out the solution! First, toast your bread. This is a yummy trick Jon taught me the first time he made me a PB&J. It tastes good, adds crunch to your sandwich, and, regarding the natural PB dilemma, makes your bread a little firmer.

Next, while you're toasting your bread, hold the PB jar over the toaster! When it's still pretty full, hold it up-side-down so the heat is caught in the jar. If it's almost empty, you can hold it right-side-up over the heat. By the time your bread is toasted, your PB is warmed up enough to be soft, making it easy to spread!



  1. I had that problem too and ended up throwing out the bottom 1/3 of the jar. Glad you found a solution!

  2. Like my dad, I'm a big fan of peanut butter on toast! Add some honey and that's my idea of the perfect sandwich.

    Which is WAY better than those ketchup sandwiches my dad told me he and your dad used to eat as kids.

  3. I'm hungry.

    Next time you're in Waco, you should grind your own peanut butter at HEB. It's really tasty, contains no weird ingredients, and it keeps a good consistency even after being in the refrigerator.