Monday, September 15, 2008

How to Eat Frosted Mini Wheats

Pour your Frosted Mini Wheats (or in our case, generic Frosted Mini Spooners) into a bowl. Add milk.

Turn over all the mini wheats so the sugar-coated side is up, so that the sugar won't get soggy and melt into the milk. (Yes, it's all going to the same place, but I'm just teaching the proper method here.) Then, proceed to eat the mini wheats from least sugary to most.



  1. Oh yes, definitely eat from least sugary to most. Just like the best way to eat nachos is from least cheesy to most.

    This is why I can't share food with my husband. He does not understand the delayed gratification concept.

  2. I used to get bags of Frosted Mini-Spooners on WIC when I was pregnant. One of my pregnancy quirks was that I had to wait until they were good and soggy and then smoosh them all into pieces. I just couldn't stand eating those while they were still crunchy. I had all sorts of weird aversions, though. I couldn't go anywhere near Chinese food, smell eggs cooking, feed the dog, make coffee, or even think about eating any sort of pork. I could pack away the chips and hot sauce, though!

  3. Ick ick. Way to eat cereal:
    1. Pour into bowl or cup.
    2. Pour milk into separate cup.
    3. Spoon in cereal.
    4. Sip milk.
    5. Repeat.

    Boooooo for soggy cereal!!

  4. What a random post! I like frosted miniwheats with flavors... either strawberry or brown sugar, and they now have blueberry. It's fun cuz the milk turns pink or brown.

  5. Amen to that sister!

  6. I was so addicted to Frosted Mini Wheats when I was pregnant!! They never made it to a bowl though. I would buy the gigantic off-brand bag and carry it around the house with me. I went through quite a few bags of them too.

  7. Julie's been reading your blog and was telling this morning that whenever she eats Mini Wheats, she thinks of you!

  8. just pour it in the bowl add milk so simple