Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Garage Sale Report

Last Friday and Saturday were a ton of fun! Waking up before the sun was up, making coffee, setting up, and meeting all kinds of people throughout the day.

The best part was confirming that people are good. We took lots of precautions to make sure that we and our possessions were safe, but we were very suspicious of people taking our garage sale stuff. Sure, it was all going to Goodwill after the sale anyway, but it was the principal of the matter! Four times over the two days, we though that someone had taken something. But, each time we found the item in question, or it turned out they had paid someone else for it. No one stole anything. So that was good.

I got a nice sunburn from the experience. Friends of ours stopped by, which was fun. Margie even stayed and helped pack up on Friday afternoon!

At the end of Saturday, all I had left on my tables was stuff I didn't think would sell anyway. I earned about $100, which is going toward my camera. I only had one person who knew what an enlarger was, and looked around at the photo easels I had. I got really excited, and brought out my price list, ready to deal. It turned out he had three enlargers at home, and couldn't even give them away, which he'd tried. He encouraged me to sell my paper on ebay, but that the rest he didn't have much hope for selling. Dang.

Funny things that happened at the sale:
An old man buys only one thing: a bra.
A man looks at a credit card holder, "Is this wallet just for the ladies?"
Language barrier: a lady says, "I betta move ma coe." Turns out it was her car she was referring to.
Man buys a whole bunch of baskets. As he's paying, I ask him what he plans to do with all those baskets. His answer, "I don't know if you believe in fairies or not, but with all the construction and taking away woodlands, the fairies don't have a place to live any more. So they come into our houses. You know when your toaster doesn't work or your CD is busted? That's because of the fairies! So, my wife uses baskets to make fairy gardens. She puts live dried plants [yes, they're alive and dried at the same time...] in these baskets, puts the first fairy in, and then sells them for people to put in their homes."

Straight, deadpan, serious. This man believes in fairies.


  1. Well, I guess that spoils the Christmas gift I was going to give you. Glad you had a fun time!

  2. LOL at the fairy man. Seriously? A fairy garden? Now THAT would be a good garage sale find.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not crazy about garage sales, but I do like watching all the interesting people stop by.

  3. Great garage sale wrap up & $100 bucks!!!! Too awesome.