Monday, October 15, 2007


On Saturday, we came home from the Fair (more on that later) to find our A/C had frozen up. There's a leak in the something-or-other that needs to be fixed or replaced, but our landlord hasn't wanted to do that, yet (both options are expensive, and this came up very soon after the flood). So, we can only assume the leak has gotten worse, which caused the A/C to not cool the house like it should, which caused the air to keep running, which caused the unit to freeze up.

So, the A/C guy is supposed to come out today, but that meant two nights of no cool air. Thankfully, it's been wonderfully cool outdoors. Most of our window screens aren't sturdy enough to open the windows; basically they're pieces of screen screwed in at various areas, but the corners flap open and Friday could get out easily. But, the screens in our bedroom windows are actual screens--granted, they're still screwed in place, but at least they don't let Friday out.

So, we opened the windows, added another fan to our room, and enjoyed the cool. Then, (the best part) it rained last night. And it's still raining this morning! How wonderful to wake up to thunder rolling and the rain pitter pattering on the grass.

There couldn't have been a better time for the air to go out.


  1. I think this means you should look at the rent house next to my Gma! =)

  2. Yeah, we weren't so lucky when our air went out twice this summer.

    Yes, welcome cooler weather, welcome rain! I bet it smelled like rain in your room, too.

    I noticed that our air didn't come on at all yesterday... it must not have gotten hot enough. Yay... cheaper electricity bills!

    I hope your electricity bill isn't crazy because of the weekend. Can't wait to hear about the fair!

  3. The air's fixed now! But we kept it off anyway, and enjoyed the cool evening last night. :)

  4. I love the smell and sound of rain. Pitter patter. :) Great attitude about a bad situation. Glad it's resolved!