Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Group Effort: Environmentalism

I've been more and more aware of environmental activism. Yesterday I stumbled upon a blog whose author's main goal was to eliminate plastic from her home and daily use. Today is something called "Blog Action Day " where bloggers can post about what they'll do to save the environment. Everything has a "green" option. A blog I frequent often has put up several posts on being more environmentally-conscious, and today I started reading a review on Leonardo DiCaprio's "11th Hour" film, which is evidently about "going green." To top it off, Al Gore gets a standing ovation wherever he goes because of his film on global warming.

All of this can rub me the wrong way, but I realize that it is mostly because this is a "liberal's battle." Liberals are at the forefront of every green cause. However, I have a feeling that Christians, as stewards of this earth, should be the biggest proponents of "saving the earth." And I'd like to know what you think about that.

So, here's the idea. Today is Blog Action Day, and I realize we've missed the boat on that one. But let's take one day where we all post about environmental issues. It can be pro-green, anti-green, whatever you believe about our (Christian) role in the environment, and the popularity of going green.

I'm asking because I'd really like to know what other conservatives think on the issue, and I'd like to delve into it myself, and see if I can figure out what I think. I also realize that thinking it through forces me to be active about what I believe. Thus far, I've been a half-hearted recycler, and that's the "greenest" I've gotten. So, when you come to a conclusion, include the action that's required due to that conclusion--and all conclusions will require action.

If you want to be involved, let's post our Thoughts on Environmentalism in two weeks, October 30th. And remember, comments on today's post shouldn't include environmental thoughts--save those for the 30th!


  1. alls ive got to say is...going green is too expensive. But I promise to post more intelligent things on the 30th.

  2. I like the idea and will see what I can come up with. I've always considered buying just enough food for what I need and Tim is better than wasting, but that's more of a poverty issue. However, with going green...it's hard when in apartment complexes don't offer recycling and for the first few months we searched for a nearby one and could only find newspaper & we don't read the newspaper [we get our news online]. Which that is a great way to go green, stop buying the paper...but I shall storm...brain storm!

  3. Yep, it is hard and it is harder not to get frustrated by the stupid stuff that comes out of hollywood and other steller sources of wisdom. But on the other hand, something definatelly needs to take place, and I think the church is a great place to start that.

  4. Green is definitely "in" right now. It's the new black... or something like that.

  5. Be proud... I went "green" while printing something at the church today... I selected duplex without realizing it, but then decided that was the better way to go anyway! (I guess it would've been better to use recycled paper or something.)

  6. Yeah, there's a lot of talk in the design world about going green: recycled paper, soy inks, more efficient packaging.... I would imagine our industry uses up quite a few trees in a year.