Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The New Year's Resolutions: 2008

I don't know why it is. There's really nothing different about January 1st than there is about November 3rd or June 22nd. But, for some strange reason, I'm much more motivated on Jan 1 than June 1 to improve myself. Maybe it's the pounds of food eaten during the holidays, or the lack of exercise during the cold and very busy months. Maybe it's the breath of fresh air that comes after all the Christmas decorations are put away. Or perhaps it's the impending doom of swimsuit season. Whatever the reason, the beginning of the year happens to be the time when I think of ways in which I can improve. So, without further ado:

  1. Be consistent in my Bible study. You'd think a Christian of 19 years would have this down, but I don't. Problem: No planned time for it. Solution: Wake up right when the alarm goes off.
  2. Be consistent in my exercise. Biking went the way of Bermuda shorts when the temps got below 55. Plus, Jon doesn't have lunch time to bike any more, and who wants to exercise alone? Problem: No motivation. Solution: Competition. Jon and I are creating a friendly competition with the goal being to keep up with each other in time spent exercising.
  3. Be consistent in my guitar practice. Problem: Seemingly no time. Solution: Plan my day better.
  4. Read more. Problem: When I read, I can't get anything else done until I finish the book, so it's very unproductive. Solution: Plan small increments of reading time each day, and stick to it.
  5. Do less. Problem: I can't help it. "Yes" always comes out of my mouth. Solution: Don't make a decision on the spot. Talk with Jon about it before responding.
  6. Be more organized. Problem: No motivation or time. Solution: Plan in time each day for picking up, choose a spot a month to clear away the things that never found permanent homes, and keep reading "Organized for Life" over and over again. :)
  7. Be politically informed. Problem: I don't know what I think about the election. Solution: Watch the news, listen to conversations, and read up on the candidates.
  8. Be romantic. Problem: Jon beats me hands down in this area. Solution: Carry out one romantic gesture a week (bigger than the daily "I love yous").
  9. Cook more. Problem: Frozen bag meals just aren't appealing any more. Solution: Pick simple meals and keep staples in the pantry to make them.
  10. Make a schedule and stick to it. Problem: Not enough time in the day to accomplish all my resolutions. Solution: Go to bed on time, get up earlier, and plan the day with bits of time for each goal.
This morning I started my resolutions. I usually roll out of bed by 7:30 or so, but today I was up when Jon got up (6:00), and I had my quiet time, practiced guitar, biked and showered before work. Who knew I could be so productive?

I'm still working on my schedule, but hope to have it satisfactory soon. Then I'll print these resolutions and the schedule, and stick them where I can see them every day.

Good luck to you in your resolutions!


  1. Wow Lydia...10 resolutions is alot! But none of them seem undoable. It sounds like the ongoing theme with your resolutions is planning and scheduling....something that I as well plan on beginning with my new school schedule this year. Here's to hoping you can accomplish things!

  2. Well, my resolutions really started with the schedule (#10), and I scheduled in all the things I wish I did more consistently. So most of the others stem from that. Numbers 5, 7, and 8 are the only ones not related to 10, so it's kind of like I only have four resolutions. :)

  3. It does kinda seem like a lot. But all do-able, like thenorvells said. Sometimes the problem is trying to add all those things into your day. Maybe you could start with focusing on one. Then after, say 21 days, since that is the amount of time people say it takes to make a habit, you could add another.

  4. I think it is do-able. Basically you want to be better about the time God has given you. So it's one goal with many parts. But if you think everyone of 19 years of their Christian faith has a perfect consistency in their quiet time, you're probably mistaken. Don't be hard on yourself, but make it a priority to do better (considering you obviously feel some conviction or it wouldn't be on the list!) Exercise sounds good but don't let the competition get unhealthy. I know that sometimes can hinder Tim & I's relationship. Practicing your guitar sounds loverly! Reading time could be your lunch time! That's what I always love to do. Learning to say no is easy to do...I've really benefited from saying no to a couple major things this past year. I don't feel as overwelmed or guilty, yet I know I'm doing my part. It's ok to say no. If you don't, people will continue to rely on you (and not consider themselves potentially). The election--just listen to talk radio to and from Waco Wednesday's and you'll get plenty. I listen to it in the car in the morning/evening drive from work and it's going to be a heated race. Romantic goals are great! Just remember the cow bell! Meals are great when planned instead of last minute I've found. We're going to start a couples tradition of Taco Tuesdays at home (instead of Rosas). Plus, our tacos are way better than theres anyway. :)
    You can do it, stick to 'em!

  5. I agree planned meals are the way to go. We did that for awhile. It worked pretty well, but does take flexibility when we go out with friends or whatever.

    I'm starting to thing the same thing about saying no. I said no to something right before Christmas, and I feel very good about it.

    I listened to Jerry Johnson Live on my way home last night. Informative, but I don't agree with all his views, and last night was no exception. At one point, I called Jon about something that was said (he was listening on his way home from work as well), and we both yelled into our phones, "Can you believe what she just said??!!" It was kind of funny.

    Today, I'm still keeping up the schedule! Pilates was tough this morning (the second day of doing Pilates, and I'm really sore!), but I did it!