Thursday, January 31, 2008

You're Running Wild

So last night I got together with Trinity River Bluegrass. (That's the band I'm didn't know we were so official as to have a name, did you?) Anyway, we practiced through our songs like normal. We were all tired and ready to be done. At the end, Raymond started playing a nice chord progression, and Dave chimed in with his guitar picking (which is really good!). I know enough to follow along, so that's what I did. Then, Raymond started singing the words of our last song. I'm better at singing than playing, so I got to add my own part. Pretty soon, we'd rearranged a song! We really liked it, but realized we'd never remember it for next week's practice. So, I pulled out the trusty MacBook Pro, opened up Garage Band, and we recorded our first song! If you're hearing music from my blog right now, that's the song we recorded. If you don't hear anything, check the music player in the sidebar.

Raymond is singing lead, I'm doing backup, we're all on guitar, and Dave is doing the melody on the guitar. The original song is You're Running Wild, sung by Rhonda Vincent.

Of course, it gets rough at times, because we'd only played through it once or twice, but I'm pretty proud of it. We were all giddy last night! Our first recording! Hooray!


  1. Well, it sounds pretty cool but the player keeps buffering or something. Yay for Garage Band!

  2. Oh, sorry about the player problems. I really didn't know how it would do.

    Hopefully we'll be able to record some more, and I'll have a whole playlist! (Don't worry, I'll put up professional songs in the meantime....)

  3. OK, it works better at home. Maybe the church connection was slower or something.

  4. Thanks for posting that. It's exciting to be part of music-making, isn't it? :)

  5. @Leanna: I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until next week when we record something else!

    I've got another post in the works...hopefully I'll post it soon.