Tuesday, March 11, 2008

General Update

The kitties are still sick. :( No real change from yesterday. Smith is still pretty sick, though I've noticed little improvements: he's making better eye contact, has stood up more today, went to the bathroom on his own, and hasn't needed glucose but once today (four times yesterday). Wesson is still Mr. Sneezy, but he wanted to play a little today. Mostly they've just slept! But, they're stinky and grossie, so I think they're headed for another bath soon.

And, on another front, Jon and I are going to dinner with a seminary professor to talk about church planting tonight. He's the head of the Nehemiah Project at Southwestern, and will probably be an invaluable resource to us. I'm excited about our conversation tonight.

At work, I'm ALMOST done with a website that persists in acting dumb. There are some bugs I just can't figure out, and I've spent the whole day today on it. Very frustrating.

I donated to the Arbor Day Foundation, and got 10 free trees! I gave 5 to Holly, and we planted them a week or so ago. And our crabapples are starting to get leaves! Hooray!

Other than the trees, I haven't planted anything, yet. I'm thinking we might be done with frosts, but I'm not sure. I know a few things I want to plant, though.

I got a bike rack and basket for Christmas, and I got it put on a couple weeks ago. The weather has been too cold/rainy for biking, so I'm looking forward to a day pretty soon when I'll be biking to the park with a picnic in my basket! I'm so excited!

Anyway, I guess that's about it. I have Spring Fever, and I really want a vacation. I'm taking next Monday off, so hopefully that will suffice.


  1. Lydia:

    I know a good place for vacations that I think would let you relax and enjoy the week, and the price is great; the food is excellent, the weather is just right about the end of March for kite flying, and if you want to you can do some site seeing.


  2. I have spring fever too!!!!!! Last night I wanted so bad to wear a cute little halter top to dinner...but while it wasn't cold, it was too chilly for no sleeves. I am ready for hot pink toenails and flip flops....layerd tank tops with cut off shorts...driving with the sunroof open to some great country music....fresh fruit that doesn't taste bland....warm weather where I can walk outside with the dog and not need a sweat shirt...and spring break!

  3. Hooray for Spring! And how did your dinner go?