Saturday, March 08, 2008


So I haven't posted in a week, which is unusual for me. Sorry about that. It's been a really tough week. Even my dreams have been bad. Evidently losing a kitty and facing an unknown future aren't good for the psyche. Anyway, it hasn't made me up to chit-chat, and the tag I got from Teresa...well, I tried to fill it out, but it just turned out depressing. A lot like this first paragraph.

So...on to lighter things! First, it snowed! A lovely white, fluffy snow! It was beautiful.

And second, well, I'll let you watch the next video to find out.....

So yes, we have two kitties, Smith & Wesson. (I think they'll always need the ampersand, don't you?) They're from the Humane Society, and kind of pitiful. I thought we'd seen it all with Friday, but evidently we hadn't. We are familiar with Amoxyl (that you all took when you were kids, and yes, the kitty version also smells like bubble gum), and we give them extra nourishing food in a syringe, as well as give them droppers of water. The food (for my parent's information) is a lot like what we gave Mitten when he was so sick. And the syringe is because their nose is stopped up so they don't smell/want food. Anyway, they'll be up and at 'em in no time, I'm sure. In the meantime, we're enjoying their cuddliness, and hope it lasts when they get to feeling better!

I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more of this crazy pair! I officially have a new label for all things Smith & Wesson (though Blogger didn't seem to like the ampersand design choice). And probably pretty soon I'll have that tag from Teresa done, this time on a little bit lighter note!


  1. Yay! A kitty post!!

    So, these little guys are kinda sickly, too, huh? Well, y'all are pros at nursing kitties back to health!

  2. In the photo, Wesson is "helping" Jon study, while Smith is in the blanket, on a heating pad on Jon's back. (The heat is because both kitties were below normal temps.) Smith has been pretty puny, so I took them both back in to the vet today. Both their temps are back up to normal. Wesson is progressing nicely, and Smith got some fluids. Hopefully that will help him to start getting better!

    Right now they're curled up in a tight two-kitty ball on the heating pad, recovering from the trauma of the vet's office!

  3. Yea! for cute orange kitties and yea! for a happier Lyd and Jon. Can't wait to meet the new family members!

  4. So sweet!!! I have a special place in my heart for orange kitties because I had a really nice one once. They are just precious and I really enjoyed the video. You are funny to hear how you talk to them too. Buddy says welcome!

  5. They remind me of my hamster Socks, who was orange. I loved that hamster and I'm sure I'll love these little guys. Sorry I didn't make it this morning but I didn't have a good night sinus headache wise. Many congrats to your two special someones. Not knowing the future is NOT easy on the psyche...they will be therapy for me two because I can't have a puppy. :(

  6. The kittens are precious. Really precious. I hope they are healthy and enjoying life. Thanks for your blog. Rick