Monday, March 10, 2008

Things I've learned today

  1. Roughly two thirds of the casualties in the Civil War were due to disease.
  2. Until about WWI, all prior wars had more casualties due to disease than they had actual victims of battle.
  3. Kittens can have low blood sugar levels when sick.
  4. Glucose is like syrup in a syringe.
  5. When kittens are dehydrated, Pedialyte can be a bettery hydrator than water.
  6. For as bad as Pedialyte tastes, kittens don't mind it so much. (Seriously, have you tried it??)

My husband knows all about war, and he still has the soft side to buy his kitties Pedialyte. What a great guy.


  1. He didn't want the casualty statistics of your home to increase. Now, how would that look for a husband/preacher with a high mortality rate...

  2. Hey, how old are your kitties?

  3. You DO have a great husband. How thoughtful of him to buy Pedialyte! I bet it helps, too.