Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

We all celebrated at John & Karen's house. Bekah made the cake and it was SO yummy!

My dad laughed because he got to hold Ian first.

My mom looking upset because she wasn't the first to get a hold of Ian.

Little did either of them know that Jon and I got to hold him first!

Ian working on tummy time!

Look at how high that head is coming up!

Jon and I headed for the Stockyards today.

This horse was beautiful, and the longhorn was NOT wanting to do the walk around the block they do twice a day.

This guy was really pretty.

My handsome man! Taking me to Riscky's BBQ for lunch!

...and 5 pictures later....

I, however, never tire of the camera.

I'm so distraught about being in jail....and did I mention I dyed my hair red?

This little girl was the cutest, riding the bull like a pro!


  1. Oooh, I love Risckys!

    Yay Stockyards! I remember getting a day off from school for them.

  2. My cute little Lephrachan, (sp?) Pilates Pirate -- glad you had fun on your day off. You did exactly what I did, but no Peco's Bill photos? You did get on a bull if you love your photo taken? It's the highlight for sure. I love Bekah's cake. Turned out great. See ya tomorrow!

  3. Fun times. and yes, clued into the hair and the shirt first thing. I still love that shirt!